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New Technologies in Surgical Oncology

Oncological surgery consists of a moment in the diagnostic-therapeutic course of the patient. The outstanding progress that has taken place in the field of oncology in the last two decades has benefited from the development of new surgical techniques, which have allowed highly specialized oncological surgery and a surgical approach more thoroughly integrated within the context of multidisciplinary oncological treatment. Indeed, it is no longer acceptable that a surgeon care for an oncology patient without having broad therapeutic and diagnostic knowledge of the opportunities offered by other fields of medicine.

This volume is a particularly interesting scientific publication, of great significance to today’s clinical practice. It's recommended to surgeons and oncologists as an excellent guide, one that covers all the therapeutic options in the treatment of neoplasms. The book’s detailed suggestions and explanations will facilitate the choice of the best treatment for patients, in terms of both cure and preservation of function.

Undoubtedly, the aim of this collection of techniques, currently the most modern in this field, is to diffuse different types of knowledge and skills to other surgeons, in order to not only improve the lifespan of the oncological patient but also to preserve its quality.
Contents :
  • 01 The Evolution of Surgical Oncology
  • 02 Minimally Invasive Techniques in Surgical Oncology
  • 03 Radioguided Surgery in Oncological Surgery
  • 04 Prosthetic Materials in Surgical Oncology
  • 05 Intraoperative Radiotherapy
  • 06 New Technologies in Oncological Endocrine Surgery
  • 07 Robots in Oncological Surgery
  • 08 Endoscopy and Surgical Oncology
  • 09 Senologic Oncology and Reconstructive Surgery
  • 10 Transplants in Surgical Oncology
  • 11 Locoregional Therapies and Surgical Oncology
  • 12 Hemostatic Agents in Surgical Oncology
  • 13 Palliative Techniques and Supportive Procedures in Surgical Oncology
  • 14 Ethical Aspects in Surgical Oncology

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