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Contraindications To Renal Transplantation: Absolute and Relative

Kontraindikasi Absolut dan Relatif dari Transplantasi Ginjal 

  • Active malignancy-a period of at least 2 years of complete remission is recommended for most tumours prior to transplantation.
  • Active vasculitis or anti-GBM disease, with positive serology-at least 1 year of remission is recommended prior to transplantation.
  • Severe ischaemic heart disease.
  • Severe occlusive aorto-iliac vascular disease.

  • Age-while practice varies, transplants are not routinely offered to very young children (< 1 year) or older people (> 75 years).
  • High risk of disease recurrence in the transplant kidney.
  • Disease of the lower urinary tract-in patients with impaired bladder function, an ileal conduit may be considered. 
  • Significant comorbidity. 

Davidson's Principles & Practice of Medicine 20th Edition (Churchill Livingstone) 2007

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