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Classification of Tremors

Klasifikasi Tremor 

Tremor is a rhythmic, involuntary, oscillatory movement of body parts. It is the most common movement disorder. There are several types of tremor with differing underlying physiologic or pathologic etiologies. Tremors may also be caused by alcohol and by numerous drugs, including amphetamines, beta-adrenergic agonists, caffeine, lithium, neuroleptic agents, steroids, and tricyclic antidepressants. 

Classification of Tremors
Category of Tremor Tremor Characteristics Associated Medical Conditions
Rest Tremors  Frequency: low to medium (3–6 Hz) Parkinsonism
Rubral (midbrain) tremor
Occurs in a body part that is not voluntarily activated and is completely supported against gravity Wilson disease

Severe essential tremor
Action Tremors  Occurs during any voluntary movement Dystonic tremor
Postural tremors Frequency: medium to high (4–12 Hz) (Enhanced) physiologic tremor
Occurs when a body part (limb) is maintaining a posture against the force of gravity Essential tremor
Orthostatic tremor
Psychogenic tremor
Rubral tremor
Neuropathic tremor
(Enhanced) physiologic tremor
Kinetic tremors
  Simple kinetic tremors Frequency: 3–10 Hz
Occurs with non–target-directed movement of extremities (eg, pronation-supination or flexion-extension wrist movements)
  Intention tremors Frequency: < 5 Hz Cerebellar etiology (eg, multiple sclerosis, trauma, stroke, tumor, vascular disease, Wilson disease, drug- or toxin-induced)
Occurs with target-directed movement (eg, finger-to-nose) Rubral tremor
  Task-specific intention tremors Frequency: 5–7 Hz Primary writing tremor
Involves skilled, highly learned motor acts (eg, writing, sewing, playing musical instruments) Musician's tremor
  Isometric tremors Frequency: 4–6 Hz
Occurs with muscle contraction against a stationary object
Miscellaneous Tremors  Myoclonus

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