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Comparison of Common Causes of Acute Abdominal Pain

Penyebab Tersering Nyeri Abdomen Akut

Condition Onset Location Character Descriptor Radiation Intensity
Appendicitis Gradual Periumbilical early; RLQ late Diffuse early; localized late Ache RLQ ++
Cholecystitis Rapid RUQ Localized Constricting Scapula ++
Pancreatitis Rapid Epigastric, back Localized Boring Mid-back ++-+++
Diverticulitis Gradual LLQ Localized Ache None +-++
Perforated peptic ulcer Sudden Epigastric Localized early, diffuse late Burning None +++
Small bowel obstruction Gradual Periumbilical Diffuse Cramping None ++
Mesenteric ischemia/infarction Sudden Periumbilical Diffuse Agonizing None +++
Ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm Sudden Abdominal, back, flank Diffuse Tearing Back, flank +++
Gastroenteritis Gradual Periumbilical Diffuse Spasmodic None +-++
Pelvic inflammatory disease Gradual Either LQ, pelvic Localized Ache Upper thigh ++
Ruptured ectopic pregnancy Sudden Either LQ, pelvic Localized Lightheaded None ++
+ = mild, ++ = moderate, +++ = severe; LLQ = left lower quadrant; LQ = lower quadrant; RLQ = right lower quadrant; RUQ = right upper quadrant. 

Referensi: Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease 8th Edition (Saunders) 2006

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