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Differences Between Irritant and Allergic Contact Dermatitis

Perbedaan Dermatitis Kontak Alergi (DKA) dan Dermatitis Kontak Iritan (DKI) 

Irritant CD Allergic CD
Symptoms Acute Stinging, smarting ⇛ itching  Itching ⇛ pain 

Chronic Itching/pain Itching/pain
Lesions Acute Erythema ⇛ vesicle ⇛ erosion ⇛ crust ⇛ scaling Erythema ⇛ papules ⇛ vesicles ⇛ erosions ⇛ crust ⇛ scaling 

Chronic Papules, plaques, fissures, scaling, crusts Papules, plaques, scaling, crusts
Margination and site Acute Sharp, strictly confined to site of exposure  Sharp, confined to site of exposure but spreading in the periphery; usually tiny papules; may become generalized 

Chronic Ill-defined Ill-defined, spreads 
Evolution Acute Rapid (few hours after exposure)  Not so rapid (12 to 72 h after exposure) 

Chronic Months to years of repeated exposure Months or longer; exacerbation after every reexposure
Causative agents
Dependent on concentration of agent and state of skin barrier; occurs only above threshold level  Relatively independent of amount applied, usually very low concentrations sufficient but depends on degree of sensitization 
May occur in practically everyone  Occurs only in the sensitized 


Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology 5th Edition (McGraw-Hill) 2007 

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