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Glaucoma Classified According to Etiology

Klasifikasi Glaukoma Berdasarkan Etiologinya 

A. Primary glaucoma    3. Due to lens changes (phacogenic)
  1. Open-angle glaucoma     a. Dislocation
    a. Primary open-angle glaucoma (chronic open-angle glaucoma, chronic simple glaucoma)     b. Intumescence
    b. Normal-tension glaucoma (low-tension glaucoma)     c. Phacolytic
  2. Angle-closure glaucoma   4. Due to uveal tract changes
    a. Acute     a. Uveitis
    b. Subacute     b. Posterior synechiae (seclusio pupillae)
    c. Chronic     c. Tumor
    d. Plateau iris     d. Ciliary body swelling
B. Congenital glaucoma    5. Iridocorneoendothelial (ICE) syndrome
  1. Primary congenital glaucoma   6. Trauma
  2. Glaucoma associated with other developmental ocular abnormalities     a. Hyphema
    a. Anterior chamber cleavage syndromes     b. Angle contusion/recession
        Axenfeld's syndrome     c. Peripheral anterior synechiae
        Reiger's syndrome   7. Postoperative
        Peter's syndrome     a. Ciliary block glaucoma (malignant glaucoma)
    b. Aniridia     b. Peripheral anterior synechiae
  3. Glaucoma associated with extraocular developmental abnormalities     c. Epithelial downgrowth
    a. Sturge-Weber syndrome     d. Following corneal graft surgery
    b. Marfan's syndrome     e. Following retinal detachment surgery
    c. Neurofibromatosis 1   8. Neovascular glaucoma
    d. Lowe's syndrome     a. Diabetes mellitus
    e. Congenital rubella     b. Central retinal vein occlusion
C. Secondary glaucoma      c. Intraocular tumor
  1. Pigmentary glaucoma   9. Raised episcleral venous pressure
  2. Exfoliation syndrome     a. Carotid-cavernous fistula
    b. Sturge-Weber syndrome
  10. Steroid-induced
D. Absolute glaucoma: The end result of any uncontrolled glaucoma is a hard, sightless, and often painful eye. 

Vaughan and Asbury's General Ophthalmology 17th Edition (McGraw-Hill) 2007

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