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Infant Normal Developmental Milestones (6 Weeks until 18 Months)

Perkembangan Bayi Normal

Age Movement and posture Vision and manipulation Hearing and speech Social behaviour
6 weeks
  • When pulled from supine to sitting, head lag is not quite complete
  • When held prone, head is held in line with body When prone on couch, lifts chin off couch
  • Primitive responses persist
  • Looks at toy, held in midline
  • Follows a moving person
  • Vocalizes with gurgles
  • Smiles briefly when talked to by mother
4 months
  • Holds head up in sitting position, and is steady
  • Pulls to sitting with only minimal head lag
  • When prone, with head and chest off couch, makes swimming movements
  • Rolls from prone to supine
  • Primitive responses gone
  • Watches his or her hands
  • Pulls at his or her clothes
  • Tries to grasp objects
  • Turns head to sound
  • Vocalizes apparently appropriately
  • Laughs
  • Recognizes mother
  • Becomes excited by toys
7 months
  • Sits unsupported
  • Rolls from supine to prone
  • Can support weight when held, and bounces with pleasure
  • When prone, bears weight on hands
  • Transfers objects from hand to hand
  • Bangs toys on table
  • Watches small moving objects
  • Says 'Da', 'Ba', 'Ka'
  • Tries to feed him- or herself
  • Puts objects in mouth
  • Plays with paper
10 months
  • Crawls
  • Gets to sitting position without help
  • Can pull up to standing
  • Lifts one foot when standing
  • Reaches for objects with index finger
  • Has developed a finger-thumb grasp
  • Will place objects in the examiner's hands, but not release them
  • Says one word with meaning
  • Plays 'peep-bo' and 'pat-a-cake'
  • Waves 'bye-bye'
  • Deliberately drops objects so that they can be picked up
  • Puts objects in and out of boxes
13 months
  • Walks unsupported
  • May shufflne on buttocks and hands
  • Can hold two cubes in one hand
  • Makes marks with pen
  • Says two or three words with meaning
  • Understands simple questions such as
  • 'Where is your shoe?'
  • May kiss on request
  • Tends to be shy
15 months
  • Can get into standing position without support
  • Climbs upstairs
  • Walks with broad-based gait
  • Builds a tower of two cubes
  • Takes off shoes
  • Will say around 12 words, but mostly gobbledegook
  • Asks for things by pointing
  • Kisses pictures of animals
  • Can use a cup
18 months
  • Climbs stairs unaided holding rail
  • Runs and jumps
  • Can climb onto a chair and sit down
  • Builds tower of three cubes
  • Turns pages of a book two or three at a time
  • Scribbles
  • Takes off gloves and socks
  • Unzips fasteners
Is beginning to join two words together
  • Recognizes animals and cars in a book
  • Points to nose, ear etc. on request
  • Clean and dry but with occasional accidents
  • Carries out simple orders

Davidson's Principles and Practice of Medicine 20th Edition (Churchill Livingstone) 2007

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