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Clinics in Perinatology 2011, Vol.38, Issues 3, Prematurity - Art and Science

Daftar Isi Jurnal
  1. Epidemiology: The Changing Face of Preterm Birth, by Klebanoff MA et al
  2. The Contribution of Maternal Stress to Preterm Birth: Issues and Considerations, by Wadhwa PD et al
  3. The Role of Inflammation and Infection in Preterm Birth, by Bastek JA et al
  4. Abruption-Associated Prematurity, by Han CS
  5. Medically Indicated--Iatrogenic Prematurity, by Wong AE et al
  6. Outcomes of Preterm Infants: Morbidity Replaces Mortality, by Allen MC et al
  7. Neuroprotective Approaches: Before and After Delivery, by Chalak LF et al
  8. Care at the Edge of Viability: Medical and Ethical Issues, by Haward MF et al
  9. Morbidity and Mortality in Late Preterm and Early Term Newborns: A Continuum, by Engle WA et al
  10. What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate: Obstacles to Optimal Care for Preterm Birth, by Iams JD et al
  11. Controversy: Antenatal Steroids, by Wapner R et al
  12. Late Preterm Birth: Preventable Prematurity?, by Mohan SS et al
  13. Term Pregnancy: Time for a Redefinition, by Clark SL et al
  14. Quality Improvement Opportunities to Prevent Preterm Births, by Oshiro BT et al

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